What we have here is a lack of redundancy

What kind of idiot stores his home directory and his entire web content on a striped set of four disks, with no redundancy?

Me, that’s who. You’d think I would have learned from January’s fiasco that disk crashes don’t just happen to other people. But back in January, I was (relatively) lucky, as the disk that crashed was part of a mirrored set. Not so this time.

The file server actually crashes when trying to read from the faulty disk, so I had to get creative and figure out a way of not only copying it to a healthy disk over the network, but doing so in a way that allows me to recover from crashes and continue where I left off. The result is ndr, the Network-assisted Disk Recovery tool. Continue reading “What we have here is a lack of redundancy”

Lock, stock and barrel

Spent a couple of hours out in the cold dismantling and reassembling the front passenger side door, which wouldn’t open from the inside. It was also damned hard to close from the outside, as the door latch wouldn’t spring back into position. Turns out the Bowden cable from the inner door handle had slipped, and the door latch retaining spring is actually mounted on the cable.

Unfortunately, I yanked a little too hard on the locking rod, and it broke out of the clip that connects it to the locking mechanism. Luckily, these clips are fairly cheap…

The electrical mirror adjustment didn’t work after reassembly—most likely the electrical connector just needs cleaning. I’ll take care of it when I take the door apart again to change the locking rod clip—preferably on a warm, sunny day…

Discs and pads and cables, oh my

Long time no write…

I bought a new car last week. Of course, by new I mean not previously in my possession, as the car itself—an Audi 100 2.8E Quattro—is fifteen years old, which hardly qualifies as new.

I had no end of trouble raising the money for it, as my bank had technical difficulties (they were struck by a computer virus which their AV didn’t catch, and decided to shut down large parts of their office network to prevent it from spreading), but they pulled through at the last minute. Yet paying for the car was the easy part. I then had to drive it home five hundred kilometers across the mountain—by night—in mid-winter…

That wasn’t too bad, though. It’s not a car, it’s a frigging battleship. The marital unit immediately christened it Tirpitz. Continue reading “Discs and pads and cables, oh my”

Detect drives done, no any drive found

(actual diagnostic message from the on-board JMicron RAID controller on an Asus P5B-V motherboard)

I learned a few lessons on Monday:

Lesson the first
If you have a RAID 1 array, and one of the drives suddenly drops out of it, do not simply assume it was a software error and reassign it, or you will be very unhappy a few months later when that drive really fails. Continue reading “Detect drives done, no any drive found”