tcpdump cheat sheet

Packet structure


The TCP flags are in tcp[13]: ACK = 0x10, RST = 0x04, SYN = 0x02, FIN = 0x01.


The ICMP type is in icmp[0]. Useful types are 0 (echo response), 3 (destination unreachable), 8 (echo request) and 11 (time exceeded).


Since tcpdump does not fully decode IPv6, we must do it ourselves. The transport layer protocol number is in the ip6[6] (“next header”) field: ICMP = 0x01, TCP = 0x06, UDP = 0x11. The IPv6 header is 40 bytes, assuming no extension headers, so tcp[13] maps to ip6[53] and icmp[0] maps to ip6[40].


Rejected traffic

Capture RST and ICMP Destination Unreachable packets, useful when debugging a firewall to see what it rejects:

((tcp[13] & 4 == 4) || (ip6[6] == 6 && ip6[53] & 4 == 4) || (icmp[0] == 3) || (icmp6 && ip6[40] == 1))

Successful TCP handshakes

Capture SYN+ACK packets to monitor successful TCP handshakes:

((tcp[13] & 0x12 == 0x12) || (ip6[6] == 6 && ip6[53] & 0x12 == 0x12))

TCP termination

Capture FIN+ACK packets to monitor TCP session terminations:

((tcp[13] & 0x11 == 0x11) || (ip6[6] == 6 && ip6[53] & 0x11 == 0x11))

Note: it is technically possible for only one end to send FIN (without ACK) and for the other to keep transmitting, or for either end to send FIN and ACK separately. In practice, a TCP connection nearly always ends with FIN, FIN+ACK, ACK.

IPv6 neighbor and router discovery

Capture ICMP6 neighbor solicitation / advertisement packets (135, 136) and ICMP6 router solicitation / advertisement / redirect packets (133, 134, 137):

(icmp6 && (ip6[40] >= 133 && ip6[40] <= 137))

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