Revision confusion

This blog post by Códice Software (developers of Plastic SCM) discusses a recent talk by Linus Torvalds (no introduction needed) where he (in his usual style) lambasts all version control systems that are not Git, with particular attention to Subversion (for having the temerity to use “CVS done right” as a slogan).

The author of the post criticizes Linus for tooting his own (or Git’s) horn, then promptly upstages him by displaying his ignorance of every version control system that is not Plastic SCM (except perhaps SourceSafe) and lambasting them all.

You have to wonder about the qualifications of a developer who sells a product named “Plastic SCM” which isn’t a software configuration manager at all. As far as I can tell from reading their marketing materials and watching their screencasts, it’s a plain version control system (or revision control system, if you prefer) with no configuration management features whatsoever

Back to the drawing board, Pablo!

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