Oh, and another thing

I also forgot to mention that I replaced the stock steering wheel with a three-spoke leather sports steering wheel:

Yes, it’s an action shot, but in my defense, I was driving slowly and looking at the road instead of the camera, which is why the photo is crap :-)

There’s a story behind the steering wheel as well. It took several tries to get it installed: the first time, I removed the steering column cover and the steering wheel’s center plate before discovering I didn’t have a large enough socket, and had to reassemble everything; I then bought a socket, only to discover it was the wrong size, and had to reassemble everything again; I finally got the right socket, but mounted the wheel at a slight angle, and had to adjust it twice before I got it right. It’s hard to get the angle right when installing a new steering wheel, because you have to do it with the steering lock engaged, so the wheel doesn’t point straight up. It’s much easier when you’re just removing and refitting the same steering wheel; just make a mark before removing it, and make sure the mark lines up when you refit the wheel.

(bonus points to whomever spots the reference in the title)

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