The Amazing Headless Mechanic

You have to admire the composition of this photograph, taking by a friend waiting for a ride home:

Me: “OK if I just change the fuel filter first, while the engine is cold? It’ll only take a minute or two…”

Her, to her boyfriend: “I’ll be a little late tonight…”

All right, it really doesn’t help that I’m trying to fasten the fuel filter and have a conversation at the same time and it takes me three attempts because on the first two I was turning the bolt in the wrong direction. “Righty tighty, lefty loosy“—even my wife knows that!

Anyway, with new spark plugs, new oil (wallet-crushing 0W40), a new air filter and a new fuel filter, my Teutonic battleship’s fuel consumption is approaching a decent 10 l / 100 km. I’m keeping a close eye on my odometer, and couldn’t resist taking the following picture as I got into my car after a trip to IKEA:

Three nines! And as you can see, it’s approaching five…

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