I can has ignorance and neglect?

I won’t say “I love cats, therefore I love ICHC”, but I can say “I love cats, and ICHC brightens my day”.

Except when it doesn’t.

There’s the little things, like the sheer inanity of reader comments, which I’ve stopped reading entirely, or referring to tortoiseshell cats using male pronouns, or the videos. Lolpics are funny because they take a single shot out of its context and make it out to be something it isn’t. Videos may be cute, but they aren’t funny, because they just show cats doing what cats do.

Then there’s pictures like this one. Yeah, yeah, the cat ate the pumpkin, very funny, except the gag only works because the cat is morbidly obese, and that’s not funny at all. We’re not talking “a little extra weight around the waist” we’re talking “will die an early death due to a series of complications which may culminate in major heart or liver failure”. For insert your favorite deity‘s sake, people, get a fucking clue. If you’re too thick to understand something unless it’s on YouTube, watch this video, and put your cat on a diet.

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