This has gone too far

You know the little bits of transparent (and sometimes but usually not colored) cling film they put on glossy surfaces on electronic gadgets so they don’t get scratched during packaging or shipping, so your technologically challenged parental units complain that the display on their new CD player is blurry because they didn’t realize they were supposed to remove it?

I just unpacked a brand new HP 22″ monitor. The stand has a tiny HP logo embossed on the head—the swiveling bit where you actually attach the panel. A normal user will see that logo for about 30 seconds between unpacking the monitor and assembling it. She might not even notice it… if it weren’t for the fact that it has a tiny square of cling film stuck to it.

By the way, HP is the company that markets its products with the slogan “The Computer is Personal Again” in a Nightmare-Before-Christmas-ish font, yet the power supply for an HP laptop weighs more than my wife’s MacBook Air. And I’m only exaggerating a little.

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