I am currently contracting for a company that makes lots of nifty toys. It has several siblings which make even niftier toys—the kind that go “boom”. They’re having a show-and-tell today for a lot of people with nice suits and fat wallets, and they’ve pulled all the stops (short of actually demonstrating the equipment) to impress them. Here is some of the stuff they were showing off:

2010-11-17: WTF? Where did all the pictures go? Darn Blogspot to heck! I’ll reinsert them when I get around to it.

CV9030N IFV with Kongsberg Protech Systems
PROTECTOR Medium Caliber RWS
Kongsberg Defence Systems NASAMS launcher
IVECO LMV with Kongsberg Protech Systems
Kongsberg Protech Systems M151 PROTECTOR
mounted on a Dodge Ram pickup truck
Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II, parts of
which are to be built by Kongsberg Defence Systems
Full-scale mock-up of the Kongsberg Defence Systems
Joint Strike Missile, designed specifically for the F-35
Kongsberg Maritime HUGIN 1000 AUV
Hydroid REMUS 100 AUV
Two Kongsberg Maritime K-Master workstations
in an offshore supply vessel simulator

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