I broke Béranger’s heart

Béranger, the author of the long rant on which I have commented twice before, seems deeply hurt by my comments. Deeply enough, at least, to spend most of his after game report lambasting me, and to post a complaint on freebsd-advocacy.

Read it if you like. He deliberately misunderstands me, twists my words (including some from private conversation), pounces on strawmen, and still can’t understand that the FreeBSD Foundation is a different entity from the FreeBSD Project, because apparently if the Foundation licenses and distributes software that runs on FreeBSD but isn’t included in FreeBSD, then the Foundation is FreeBSD.

And he still can’t get my name right.

I won’t bother rebutting.

Daylight Saving Time is upon us

Or, as I like to call it, “let’s prove bureaucracy trumps sanity time”.

Come on, what do you think DST is really for? Conserving energy? Think about it: if DST truly has a positive effect on energy consumption, why don’t we have it all year round? DST does not reduce overall energy usage; it just shifts some of it from evening to morning. A recent study found that the overall effect is zero at best and negative at worst.

Do you think DST helps farmers get more work done? On the contrary. A farmer’s schedule is set by the sun, not by the clock. Cows need to be milked at the same time every day, regardless of what the clock says. Dew doesn’t evaporate an hour earlier during DST just to accomodate us. As a result, farmers are out of sync with the rest of society six months out of twelve. Let’s hope they all have Tivo. Continue reading “Daylight Saving Time is upon us”