My cod’s compiling

My wife is a researcher at the Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis. She is currently involved in a project to sequence and annotate the Gadus morhua genome. In case you didn’t know, sequencing a genome requires breaking it into tiny little bits, sequencing the little bits, and assembling the results into a complete genome. This takes time. Lots of time. On Wednesday, K and I were both wearing the same T-shirt, and one of K’s cow-orkers made the obvious pun. I just couldn’t resist running with it:

The original is here.

Life’s difficult choices

10:04  geez
10:04  parking's a bitch
10:04  every morning
10:04  I arrive at work
10:04  and I turn into the parking lot
10:04  and I'm like
10:04  shit
10:05  between which of these Audis do I want to park my Audi today?
10:05  I swear, there are so many rings on that lot it's like Sauron held
                 a convention for Nazgul and the dwarves and elves crashed the party
10:06  annnnyway
10:06  meeting
10:07  * EvilDES &