Best. Spam. Ever.

This showed up on an internal FreeBSD mailing list:

Hello my the surprised friend!
My name Nadejda and I wish to take away from you at all a lot of time
and to penetrate in my letter! My trade the doctor the dentist. I had
an ingenious idea to try to find love not in that place where I live
namely not in Russia! In me there were such emotions since recent
time! I would like to tell to you about it my new friend. On my former
work in the Stomotologichesky Polyclinic I had a chance that I will go
on an exchange for practice to other city for me it it was good and
not much not on myself because to go to other city on practice! I do
not have there friends or even I am simple girlfriends with which I
can to spend time and speak cheerfully about problems in mine to a new
life. But all has exchanged and on an exchange there has gone my
colleague which only not for a long time has come to us for work after
the termination of Medical university. But the desire to find the
acquaintance from other country at me remains on former. I thought of
a step as acquaintance to the person from other country much. Once
after work I have gone on foot because weather was fine and saw as
enamoured steams follow a hand and exchange gentle kisses. I do not
have not enough tenderness and the favourite person in the lives and
it to me became very clear after this walk. I like to walk sometimes
one alone with myself and to think about the lives. I could not find
the happiness in my city and till now is lonely. For myself I have
resolved to search for the love in other country. Especially I heard
much about that that people from other countries are more romantic and
are careful concerning relations with women, so to say they have a
spark in eyes! I am ready completely to this step and have bought
yours e-mail in International Dating Agency. To me have told that you
my friend very good lonely person with kind and open heart. I wish to
tell about myself directly that to me 28 years and my growth 168 see I
live to Russia, city Novochebocksarsk. In connection with that that in the
world financial crisis and few workplaces goes reduction. I have got
to reduction and I had to finish the work in hospital. Now I work in
Cafe-Bar. I wish to be happy life in the and I have serious sights at
this world. At me the big age and is a lot of experience behind
shoulders. I am confident that we can to find with you the general a
theme of conversation and to learn each other more. I hope to see
yours the letter my friend about your life. As I to place my foto with
the letter and some resume in a file. I very much would like to see
yours the letter and to have with you acquaintance. I would like to
see that we became good friends and not only.

If you are serious and interested in me please reply ONLY to my personal e-mail:

P.S. My letter to you was sent by manager International Dating Agency
therefore write on my personals e-mail:
Yours new friend

There were even a photo and a resumé attached.

The sad thing is, I have a strange feeling that the letter might actually be real—but I find it hard to believe that a “manager International Dating Agency” would be so clueless. Whatever the poor girl paid, she sure didn’t get her money’s worth.

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