I don’t get Google+.

Much of it looks like a better facebook, with e.g. far better photo
handling and a more nuanced relationship system—where facebook tried to
patch the black-and-white “friend” concept by adding “pages” and
“groups”, Google+ simply generalized it, eliminating the need for such

However, I don’t understand why Google+ allows people I have never even
heard of—including people hiding behind pseudonyms and whose identity
even a Google search (hah!) can’t reveal, so much for their
controversial “real name” policy—to push updates into my “Incoming”
stream. I thought the idea was to let me decide who I wanted to
follow, not the other way around.

I almost feel like I’m being stalked, except it’s a weird sort of
reverse stalking where, instead of following me around and poking their
noses into my private life, the stalkers follow me around and grind my
nose into their private lives.

Who the hell are you people?

4 thoughts on “Stalkers”

  1. The whole point of the incoming stream is that it contains content that people _outside_ your circles are sharing with you. If you don’t like it – don’t read it. Partential caution adviced.

  2. Yeah, I know. It still makes me uncomfortable to see dozens of people I don’t know (or can’t remember knowing) add me. I’m not a public figure, what are they looking for?

    OBTW, I will systematically report fake accounts that add me. You have been warned.

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