Not too proud to beg

I’ve added two items to the FreeBSD donations wantlist.

The first, and most important, is hosting for a new source tinderbox  / continuous integration cluster. The source tinderbox currently run on three servers graciously donated, maintained and hosted by Sentex which can handle approximately two full builds per day. The University of Oslo recently replaced its old HPC cluster, and I’ve secured 28 1U nodes (including rack-mount kits but no power cords) from the old one which I hope to be able to use for a new source tinderbox cluster with a completely new, more efficient implementation, but I have nowhere to host them. As noted in the wantlist entry, once installed, the cluster will not require large amounts of external bandwidth—just enough to keep an svn mirror regularly updated and to serve the web frontend—but it will need a dedicated gigabit switch or partition for internal communication. The hosting center needs to be within driving distance of Oslo, Norway.

The second item is a request for parts to upgrade my main FreeBSD development box: an Intel H77-based motherboard, an Intel Core i7-3770S CPU and 32 GB of PC3-12800 RAM. I already have a case, a sufficiently powerful PSU and plenty of disks. I’d also like to replace my old Chieftec hot-swap frames with a pair of trayless four-disk frames such as this one or preferably this one which has one large fan instead of two small ones (and is therefore presumably quieter) but is not available in Norway.

You can also use the button in the sidebar to make a donation which will go towards hardware, software and hosting costs related to my FreeBSD and Open Source work.

2 thoughts on “Not too proud to beg”

  1. Tried the sidebar button. Form was in norwegian language (probably, this is what Chrome detected).
    Can you please use some international Paypal form instead?
    Committing some amount of NOK without being able to check currecy rates is a risk not too many people will take.

    1. PayPal doesn’t let me select what form to use. I have no idea why they gave you a Norwegian version. The only language options in my PayPal profile are for my own preferred interface (English) and the text on the button (English). Changing the currency to USD still gives a Norwegian form.

      It’s also strange that it won’t let you select a different currency, but you can always check

      Do you have a PayPal account, and if so, did you try logging in with it?

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