Three things

you need to watch now if you haven’t seen them already. None of them are new, they just happen to speak strongly to me right now.

1. Easy A. The actual movie is at least as funny as and far more serious than the trailer.

After you’ve watched it, go rent (or buy) all the classics Olive references: Say Anything, Can’t Buy Me Love, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (sorry, can’t be bothered to add links). Did I miss any? Then put this on repeat on the stereo:

2. P!nk: Fuckin’ perfect. The original version, not the “family-friendly” shit they show on VH1.

3. It Gets Better. There are hundreds of clips, but you can start with Barack Obama:

Compare and contrast with whoever that guy was that P!nk sings about here:

Don’t read too much into this, I’m not coming out or anything.


I am currently contracting for a company that makes lots of nifty toys. It has several siblings which make even niftier toys—the kind that go “boom”. They’re having a show-and-tell today for a lot of people with nice suits and fat wallets, and they’ve pulled all the stops (short of actually demonstrating the equipment) to impress them. Here is some of the stuff they were showing off: Continue reading “Toys”

Sharpened rooms / Chambres affutées

For your convenience, this blog entry is bilingual. Pour mieux vous accomoder, cet article est bilingue.

Missed the plane back from Paris (Depeche Mode were awesome; more about that later—as soon as I take delivery of a new batch of round tuits), and had to stay overnight at the Ibis Orly hotel, which for your information does not have a Tex-Mex restaurant. What it does have is a typical French grill restaurant (think Hippopotamus but double the prices).

Ayant raté l’avion au retour de Paris (Depeche Mode étaient épatants ; j’en vous rendrai compte à l’occasion), nous avons du passer la nuit à l’hôtel Ibis Orly, qui, je vous signale, n’a pas de restaurant Tex-Mex, mais simplement un restaurant grill typiquement français (genre Hippopotamus mais deux fois plus cher). Continue reading “Sharpened rooms / Chambres affutées”